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Woodman will exploit her, make her do the nastiest stuff up front, and she will have nothing left to collect more money for waiting. The only thing that might be left for her to charge a pretty penny would be interracial cuz Woodman doesn`t have black actors in his team. in 2 years no one will remeber her if you know what i mean... Hope PW doesn't take 100 years to release it like usually he does..Guest From Brazil: Your comment is so too brainless.Well, in my modest opinion Viola is the clear example of a young girl coming from a poor country that has being brain washed into believe porn is some sort of normal job... Woodman says on his forum that Viola is unsure how she wants to move ahead with her career. Either he is just creating increased publicity or Viola is never really sure what she wants to do. 1) You came and wrote on pornstar page your social critics. You should find a blog or web section dedicated to social issues and give your critics.Her last cam show comment was 6/25 so she probably isn't camming any more either. Gravity is something not even training can fight back.Cammodels appears to log her in at PM each night so they can say she is still on their site but her last paid comment by someone who saw her show was in June. So she will never look as good as she did several years ago, and criticism will be to savage on her if she decides to work even a little again... Yes she's definitely opted out hopefully permanently before it scars her for life & especially her motherhood desires.

Woodman says this scene wasn't shot when they were in the US. Most of his rumors turn out to be bullshit or remain unproven.Nope that is the model you where asking about but like I said before it looks like she is no longer is active. When she bends over and spreds her cheeks the by Far most beautiful of all her features come into sight -- her asshole.Brittney White who also shot a scene with is no longer active either but there still should be at least a couple of unreleased scenes with her coming out. Guys its time to stop crying like child about porn producers or companies that you dont like. After all thoses years waiting for better porn video and casting, you should make your own porn studio.I dont know her, but I can see her personal life got affected by her work and she decided to step back.She made a come back last summer, but retired again very quick, so i doubt she would make a come back again. The sporty legs and bottom are often underestimated due to her dominant bust.

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That "I fuck only my boyfriend" thing is the bane of those iron curtain commie models from Eastern Europe.

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