Coca cola and bottles and dating

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It is interesting to note that unlike the previous version that had the words "Trade Mark" in the tail, this time the Coca-Cola Company registered the logo without any text in the tail of the C. In 1941 the trademark notification was moved from the tail of the C and was centered underneath the words "Coca-Cola". In late 1969 Coca-Cola introduced a new branding program replacing the Arciform and Things go better with Coke design devices used during the previous decade.Exactly why is unknown, but it is known that the company had been using the words "Trade Mark Registered" in the tail of the C since as early as 1903. Although the mandate was for the notification to read "Reg. This new program introduced a design vehicle known as the Arden Square.No use of Coca-Cola in script is known during this period.During this first year of Coca-Cola's introduction to Atlanta's fountains, legend tells us and historical accounts corroborate, that Frank Robinson, the Coca-Cola Company's bookkeeper was busy perfecting the alliterative spencerian script logo. Robinson had the the script version available during this first year, it most certainly would have been used.

At that time the logo (actually many varying but similar versions) had been in use for nearly five years.It wasn't applied in a constant manner and soon fell from use — being seen on only a handful of the items we collect today.Over a year later on January 31, 1893 the trademark registration was granted.Looking a bit like a gaping, one-eyed version of Freddo the frog that's sucking on the wrong end of the bottle, the design team behind it has done a sublime job. Critics claimed it would be too obvious a move to position the camera towards the top of the device, but the decision has been vindicated, as that’s the best vantage point for Coca-Cola drinking selfies.

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